The fast growing sport of FITASC (Fédération Internationale de Tir aux Armes Sportives de Chasse, French for  “International Shooting Federation of Hunting Sport Weapons”) is one of our newest additions to the club. You may have seen this at shooting clubs with the tell-tale hula hoops and  wondered what all this was about. Each FITASC course (called a “parcour”) features 3 stations (called “pegs”). Shooters are presented with 4 or 5 singles, which can be shot with one or two shots. Then, the shooters rotate. Once all shooters have shot their singles, the shooters are presented with two pairs that may be true pairs, on report, or trailing. The shooting group (usually limited to 6 shooters per peg) then move to the next peg and start the process over.

The reason sporting clays shooters love our sport is because we enjoy the variety and challenge of the targets we encounter. Assuming that you love sporting clays for the same reasons, you will like FITASC as much or more. So give it a go!
Don Currie, NSCA Chief Instructor

FITASC differs from other shooting disciplines in regards to the rules. Here are a few of the rules to note before shooting your first round of FITASC:

  • Shooters must stay within the “peg” marked by the hoop on the ground, but can move around inside the peg while following gun safety rules.
  • The heel of the stock must be touching the body below the shoulder before the target is thrown.
  • The shooter may not move until the target has been thrown, failure to do so will result in a score reduction.
  • A shooter may use both barrels to shoot the single targets.
  • On the doubles, shooters may choose to shoot at one or both targets. There is no requirement to shoot one shot at each target.
  • Shooters will shoot all their singles before rotating to the next shooter
  • After all shooters have shot their singles, the shooter second in line will begin their doubles set.
  • On the second peg, the third shooter will start the singles set and the fourth shooter will begin the doubles
  • On the third peg, the fifth shooter begins the singles set while the sixth shooter starts the doubles portion

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