Five Stand

Five Stand is fun way to enjoy clay shooting and mixes elements of Skeet and Sporting Clays. Each game of Five Stand features five shooting stations (stands) for shooters to stand in. Each stand has a menu card that let’s shooters know what to expect. The menu card will explain what thrower will launch the target as well as what kind of target it’ll be. The first target will be a single, and the next two will be a pair (either a report pair or a true pair). After all shooters have shot their 5 targets, then the group rotates to the next stand to shoot their next 5 targets. Shooting continues until all shooters have shot at 25 targets (five at each stand).

Valley Course

Our Five Stand course is appropriately named the Valley Course, as it sits on a ridge overlooking the valley and the rest of Abilene Clay Sports. But don’t get caught gawking at the beautiful scenery, you’ll need to keep an eye on the targets as the difference in elevation can make some of the shots very interesting!

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