Sporting Clays

Abilene Clay Sports features two sporting clay courses, the Mesquite Course and the Prairie Course. We think you’ll enjoy both courses as each gives you a different shooting experience. We change out the traps regularly, so even if you’ve shot both courses before, you may find that each station presents different targets each time you visit!

Mesquite Course

The Mesquite Course winds through the mesquite and scrub brush on manicured cart paths. Easily walkable or drivable with a cart, this course features twelve shooting stations with both shaded areas and sunnier areas. You’ll have a wide selection of shooting situations here, with some elevated shooting platforms, hidden traps behind trees and berms as well as thrower towers and more.

Prairie Course

So named because it circles out along our club’s prairie, this twelve-station course is great for enjoying a day outside with lots of fun targets to try. As you shoot around the course, you’ll see the city of Abilene off in the near distance and then move along getting to shoot plenty of unique pairs. While walkable, you may prefer a cart on this course during the summer months. This course is sponsored by Atlas Traps, and every station features throwers from Atlas!