We have multiple trap fields to shoot at Abilene Clay Sports. As one of the oldest clay sports, trap is a lot of fun and great for beginners. Shooters will stand in a 5-station arc facing a central trap. The first shooter will make a shot on the first bird, then the second shooter will shoot at a second bird, and so on. After five birds each, the shooters rotate to the next section and start the second round. Each game of trap will have the shooters shooting at 25 birds each.

We have two voice activated trap fields for shooters. We also have 1 wobble trap field. Wobble Trap is a variation on traditional trap that adds additional surprise to the target trajectory. While in traditional trap the thrower only moves horizontally, in wobble trap the thrower also moves vertically. So the targets are less predictable meaning you’ll need a keen eye and fast reflexes to make the shot!

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